Selling carbon allotments won't cut global warming

July 22, 2009 

The idea that windmills, solar panels and biofuels can easily replace fossil fuels is a joke. This thinking has birthed the cap-and-trade bill. It won't come close to doing anything to stop global warming. It will provide a very lucrative vehicle that the greenies will use to make themselves billions.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the science that implicates man-made carbon dioxide as the culprit in global warming is one of the largest hoaxes ever perpetrated. More and more scientists are jumping ship, and more and more serious papers and books are being written that debunk this theory. See "Heaven and Earth" by Ian Palmer.

Even if the carbon dioxide thing were true, the U.S. by itself cannot do anything about it until China, India and Mexico come on board. But they are just licking their chops at the business they will get as we drive out industry with cap-and-trade.

Greenies and Al Gore are all over this because they will make billions putting together companies to manage trading carbon allotments. Gore already has set up a company with worldwide offices to manage this.

President Barack Obama doesn't really want this legislation to do anything about global warming. He just wants his election backers to fill their coffers from this trading and find a new source of hidden taxes. It is just one more way to pay off his backers at America's expense.

Bill Covell

Sun City Hilton Head

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