Lady's Island woman surrenders 42 cats to Animal Control

July 4, 2009 

A Lady's Island woman agreed to surrender 42 cats to Beaufort County Animal Control last week after police found the animals living in unsanitary conditions, according to a report filed at the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office on Saturday.

Police received an anonymous complaint last month that said about 40 cats kept at the Cat Connection Rescue on Shanklin Road were not receiving proper care. Neighboring businesses could smell urine and feces through the walls, according to the report.

An officer responded and found dozens of cats housed in the building. The floor of the Cat Connection was covered in hair, cat litter, dirt and feces, according to the report.

The woman told police she owned 48 cats. She kept most of animals at the Cat Connection, but also had nine at her Lady's Island home. Five cats were at a veterinarian's office.

She could not provide police with current vaccination records for most of the animals and did not know whether some had been spayed or neutered, according to the report.

Thirty-four cats were transferred to Animal Control and eight were taken to a veterinarian, according to the report.

Several cats suffered from respiratory infections, flea infestations, mouth disorders and other viruses. Some cats were underweight, according to the report.

The following reports were released Saturday by the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.



• Sandy Lane: Vehicle worth $2,500 stolen.

• Sea Island Parkway: Goods worth $15,100 stolen.



• Robinson Hill Road: $50,000 in cash stolen from safe.

Compiled by Kate Cerve

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