Hardeeville councilman-elect denies planning to fire city administrator

May 19, 2008 

HARDEEVILLE --Hardeeville city councilman-elect Mike Foskey said Sunday that a claim that he, mayor-elect Bronco Bostick and councilman-elect Roy Powell ran on a platform to fire city administrator R. Shane Haynes was untrue.

Haynes resigned last week after last Tuesday's elections, in which Foskey, Powell and Bostick won seats on the council. Haynes also called for and received the resignation of his two assistant administrators, Kevin Griffin and Jeff Slocum.

Bea Thompson, a council member who resigned her seat Thursday, said Haynes' resignation was the result of the winning candidates all running on a platform of wanting to oust him.

According to Foskey, those same accusations, which he said were untrue, also came from outgoing mayor Rodney Cannon at a City Council meeting Thursday -- the last council meeting before the new members are sworn in.

Foskey released this statement Sunday about the resignations:

"In response to Mayor Cannon's accusation based only on rumors, that the newly elected City Council was going to fire any employees are completely unfounded and untrue. In my opinion this is very unprofessional! At no time during the newly elected City Council's campaign did the platform include the firing of anyone, all changes were referred to as encouraging employees to get involved with our community. ...

"City Council made a deal with the City Manager Shane Haynes to walk out on Hardeeville while our citizens have to pick up the tab of that agreement. Before the City Manager left he asked for Jeff Slocum and Kevin Griffin to resign or be fired, they chose to resign. These unprofessional moves, I feel were done to cripple the new Council but only hurt our town."

Several council members said Friday they did not know why Haynes asked Slocum and Griffin to resign. Cannon did not return a message left on his cell phone Sunday night.

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