And the Hilton Head Grammy winner is ....

February 15, 2008 

When former Hilton Head Island resident Duncan Sheik won a Grammy Award last week, he flew into Los Angeles just an hour before he needed to be in his seat at the Staples Center for the ceremony.

He was just in time to take home Best Musical Show Album for "Spring Awakening," an album he produced and composed.

"I didn't really have that much time to get nervous," he said, adding that he played a show in Colorado the night before the awards and took the only flight he could find to California, changing clothes in the airport.

He said he wasn't sure if he was going to win, having been nominated before for Best Male Vocal in 1997 for the single "Barely Breathing."

"It was an excellent feeling afterward," he said of the win. But he accepted the honor much in the same unpretentious way he arrived.

He said he passed up the Grammy after-parties in favor of a nice dinner with friends.

He didn't even get a gift bag -- which in the past have had items worth up to a total of $20,000.

"To be honest, I don't even know where the (gift bags) were," he said. "I hear you have to pay taxes on them, so why bother?"

"Spring Awakening," which also won a Tony Award for Best Musical, tells the story of teenage pregnancy in Germany circa 1891. Sheik has also won Tony Awards for Best Orchestration and Best Original Score for his work on the play's music.

He described the play as dealing "with really intense subject matter" and "intense teenage sexuality." He added that his soundtrack is not typical for a play. "It's more like a rock record than a musical theater record," Sheik said.

Sheik, 38, last performed on Hilton Head in July 2006 at the Jazz Corner to promote his "White Limousine" album.

He also played a show at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in 2003 to help Hilton Head Preparatory School raise money for its arts programs. He attended the school for four years when it was still Sea Pines Academy.

Sheik visits the island about once a year, but said he probably won't perform in the Hilton Head area again until next year, after he has recorded new material.

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